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Welcome to Dana White's Info Page

I Love You

"Little Word"

I am always involved in many projects. Creating graphics, webpage designs, sketching, oil painting, writing books, poetry, photography, research, sailing, travel, clothing line, screenprint, internet sales, online advertising and many more. I have been in the medical field for 13 years. Currently, I am a nurse at a local hospital, working with behavioral teens that are working the program for multiple reasons or waiting for foster placement. I have experience with children being a mother and step mother for the past 20 yrs.

I am looking for people with the same interest as I have. Currently I need help with:
  • Screen Printing Companies (need co. referral with excellent samples)
  • Book research (need research assistant/writer to help with my current book "SSIA")
  • Sailing (local instructor, Gadsden, AL)
  • Alabama Residents placing forsale ads (need posters, place ads free at my site)
  • Poets (need posters, your poetry on the Alabama poetry page email littleword.)
  • Corvette ground effects (referral co. with good prices)
  • 3D Modeling/Virtual Worlds (currently participate but want to create, you designers know what I mean.)
  • 3D Gaming Creation (need shareware that will work with my pc)

If you have experience in these areas, know a company that would be worth checking out, want to post your poetry or your ads for free, email me. Link is below my picture.

I am also a MySpacer. I love to meet new friends that have the same interest. Check me out at
If you don't have a myspace, you should get one. Please just keep it clean for our childrens sake.

This site is new, so I will be posting multiple links concerning the information/sites I have found to be helpful, as time permits. I am a computer nerd, I guess you can say I could live in cyberspace, or on a my yacht. Which ever comes first.

Have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

SMILE....The sun is still shinning!

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